Show your Basset Hound Pride select Basset Hound Ware 

Featuring  an authentic collection of   miniature,  oil paintings on wood, glass and ceramics.   Each piece captures  the breed spirit. 

Accompanying them, a comparable  quality collection of ceramics,rare figurines. whimsy, antiques and more

NOTICE:  More pieces being  added as they become available - Check back often !!                                     

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yellow enam pot

yellow enamel pot w lid
antique design  4.5" dia & hgt  
c. wood drum box
chip wood box with classic basset hound
7." dia. x 2.5 " thick    $14.00
recling hound sclop oval plq 
lovable basset on
scalloped oval plaque 
10.5" x 8.5" solid wood  $85.00

basset hound head study
classic basset hound head study
on 4,75 " hanging round solid wd. plaque

basset Hound on back 
hanging heart plaque with basset hound
5" heart                                  $20.00
basset hound on teak platter
12" teak wood platter
w basset hound   $39.00
bud vase or candle holder
blue candle holder or bud vase
   3" x 3.5" dia         $24.00  
begging basset hound
classic begging hound
on finished wooden picket 14'  x 3"x 1/2"       $28.00    

    solid wooden bankbasset hound head  solid wooden bank
wooden bank  8" h 6.75" w  1.625"  $33
scenting basset hounds on paddle
wall decor solid wood 7.25"x4"x.5" $20

tri bitch on tavern sign
Seated tri bitch on Tavern Sign
6" x 5.75" x .75"   $22

porcelain figurine R&W

Porcelain Figurine 5" x 5" x 2.5"   $32

Porcelain B&W on base
Porcelain Figurine     5"x6"x3.75"   $60


classic pose on shield plqClassic Head 8"x3.75"x.25"  $18

My Bone Oval
My Bone   10.5"x8.5"x .75"   $85

substantial pink vase
vase with feet   4.25"x5.5"x 5.5"     $34.00

                                                                                                                   treasures boxTreasures Box, sld wd.  2.5"x6.25"x4.5"   $32
sad sam
Figurine Age ??    11"x7.5"x6.5"  $55

Small Message Board
Small Slate Board  7.5"x5.5"x.5"    $14

basset hound guards bunny
shield plaque with bunny  8"x3.75"x.25"

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